review1-compressor “Capoeira Besouro is a wonderful, warm place where both my kids have learned a great deal, not only about Capoeira, but also the music and camaraderie that goes along with this beautiful art form. They are stronger, more coordinated, and more confident than ever before. Mestre Batata is a fantastic teacher who reaches every child in his class without ever raising his voice. The kids have so much fun and I have watched everyone in the class excel over time. We are so fortunate to have found such a great studio.”
– Stephanie

review1-compressor “My son and daughter have been studying Capoeira with Mestre Batata for over 6 years now, and it has given both of them a great gift; he is an amazing teacher. It is not just about martial arts or self-defense; it is about confidence, movement, music, language, learning to focus, and respecting yourself and those with whom you play Capoeira. It is really a way of combining many aspects of life into one practice. It has also given us an invitation into a worldwide community of fellow Capoeiristas – Mestre Batata commands respect and admiration from Capoeira Mestres all over the world! We have a wonderful Capoeira family here in LA, and also in New Mexico, Hawaii, and on the East Coast. I recommend this practice highly for both children and adults!”
– Cecily

review1-compressor “Capoeira Besouro has been an amazing experience for my daughter. I had been looking for the right kind of physical activity for my toddler–something to support her emerging self-confidence, without the pressure for perfection that is often associated with ballet or gymnastics. Mestre Batata creates an environment where even the youngest kids feel encouraged to push the limits of their physical capabilities while feeling safe, supported and nurtured. Mestre Batata makes the classes so much fun for the kids that they don’t even realize they are being taught physical fundamentals all while learning to respect themselves and those around them. I also love that the kids get a taste of music and cultural immersion and really feel a part of the community that Mestre Batata has created here in Santa Monica. Capoeira Besouro is truly fabulous. And you should see my 4-year-old daughter do a cartwheel! ”
– Emily

review1-compressor “We feel fortunate to have found Capoeira Besouro. We have twins (boy and girl) enrolled since May 2011 in the toddler’s session with Mestre Batata who is a great teacher and wonderful with kids (kind, patient and funny)! Capoeira Besouro is very welcoming, family friendly and the studio space is terrific. When we first joined Capoeira Besouro a year ago, we were looking for a capoeira class so the kids could exercise, learn about Brazilian culture and enjoy music. Today, we feel blessed because we are treated like family. Mestre Batata has created a wonderful environment and this is true of the entire staff. Capoeira Besouro is a community of students and practitioners of all ages and experience, and the periodic events that bring everyone together are fantastic. No doubt this will be a positive environment for our kids as they grow up…it is easy to envision us being part of this community for years to come. Highly recommended!”
– Adriana

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