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About Capoeira Besouro

Capoeira Besouro was founded in Brazil in 1979 by Mestre Beiçola (who later founded his group, Capoeira Narahari based in Silicon Valley). Mestre Batata founded the nonprofit organization Associacão do Grupo Capoeira Besouro Espírito Santo in Vitória, Espirito Santo in 1991 when he moved to Vitória from Rio de Janeiro. The group in Vitória continues to grow under the guidance of Mestre Batata and his many instructors who currently teach children and adults in the greater Vitória area. Mestre Batata’s Associacão do Grupo Capoeira Besouro Espírito Santo has been dedicated to working with at-risk and underserved youth in Brazil, providing free capoeira classes in numerous communities. Mestre Batata started Capoeira Besouro Los Angeles when he moved to California in 2002. He teaches regular classes in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and at the Claremont Colleges in addition to traveling around the world to teach workshops. Capoeira Besouro teaches a contemporary style of capoeira, teaching students to play capoeira with capoeiristas from different backgrounds, be it Angola or Regional. While many capoeira schools today remain loyal to one style of capoeira, many other schools teach a more contemporary style of capoeira to their students, which combines philosophies from both traditional styles of capoeira. It is the goal of Mestre Batata and Capoeira Besouro to teach its students capoeira which understands the fundamentals of both traditional types of capoeira, but teaching a contemporary capoeira which enables students play in any roda they might encounter.

Mestre Batata, along with friends and students of Capoeira Besouro, have started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Ginga Arts, to provide free capoeira, dance, sports, and arts classes to at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area, as well as support work being done with at-risk youth in Brazil. For more information, please visit www.gingaarts.org

Mestre Kinha, also a native of Rio de Janeiro currently has a branch of Capoeira Besouro in Hawaii. Mestre Batata and Mestre Kinha work together closely and collaborate on various events and projects.